L’acide citrique, utilisée en solution, permet de détratrer les électrodes de votre ioniseur électrique.


These pH drops allow you to test the pH of your drinking water.


Get an accurate reading of your body's pH balance with these easy-to-use urine and saliva pH test strips.  Tests pH between 4.5 and 9.0 in 0.25 increments.  100 strips per pack.


The number 1 enemy of any water ionizer is scale buildup inside the plate cell, and more specifically, scale buildup on the membranes that are between the plates.  Ionizer Armor® easily snaps onto your cold water line and reduces scale build-up to ensure your ionizer is working at its peak performance.


The Chanson G2 Counter top ionizer faucet allows direct connection to cold water supply from below the sink and frees up your main faucet from hoses and diverters.  The G2 faucet is also ideal when using pre-filters with your ionizer that are placed under the sink.