Water is the basis of life

Our body is made of 60-70% water. To maintain optimal health, we need to drink the cleanest, healthiest, safest water that we can find. Find out how alkaline ionized water can transform your life.

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Health benefits of ionized water

 > Restores pH balance
 > Acts as a powerful antioxidant
 > Super-hydrates the body
 > Provides extra oxygen & minerals
 > Tastes great

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Discover our products

Aqua Health Products offers a line of quality water ionizers, filtration products and accessories that have been carefully selected based on performance, durability and ease of use to provide excellent value for consumers

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The Miracle M.A.X. is a true advancement in ionization technology.  Launched in early 2011, the M.A.X. is a top-of-the-line countertop ionizer that uses natural Himalayan salts to produce strong acid water capable of killing E-Coli, staph, giardia and other viruses and bacteria on contact. Its high flow output makes it ideal for usage in high volume environments, both at home and in commercial settings.