Water is the basis of life

Our body is made of 60-70% water. To maintain optimal health, we need to drink the cleanest, healthiest, safest water that we can find. Find out how alkaline ionized water can transform your life.

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Health benefits of ionized water

 > Restores pH balance
 > Acts as a powerful antioxidant
 > Super-hydrates the body
 > Provides extra oxygen & minerals
 > Tastes great

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Discover our products

Aqua Health Products offers a line of quality water ionizers, filtration products and accessories that have been carefully selected based on performance, durability and ease of use to provide excellent value for consumers

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We are very proud to introduce the latest addition to the line of Chanson water ionziers.

The MAX Royale is the undercounter version of the very popular MAX countertop ionizer.  With its touchscreen controls and a very elegant stainless steel faucet, this ionizer will become a centerpiece in the design of your kitchen.

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  • Aqua Health Products offers excellent products and highly personalised service. Their depth of knowledge about water and health is impressive! We strongly recommend them to all our clients.

    Groupe Santé Naturo, Quebec

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